Miss Malaysia Petite SpokesPerson 2017 updates

Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of our Sponsors and Judges to make this event a great success. Again, thank you AGP Group, Laco, SkinEye, Nego50, SE Wellness, Lim Meng Kei, Baddogz Jin, MakeUp Puzzle, Lamode Artology Academy, Taro Chats, Younique Image, Corporate Orient, Signature Fitness, J.Bovier, Amber Chia Academy, PNCM Catwalk, Rentak Sejuta, Timothy Teoh, Mun Hoo, Benggy Yeong, Shoot.com.my, IBHEA, Venus Group, Dato Sri Joshua Chong, Dato Kee Hua Chee, Dato Dr Wenddi Anne Chong and Miss Vicky Cha.

 Special thanks to Dato Irwin Cheong for making the role play session lovely. And, Prince Zheng for your continuous supports. Thanks to the 1000 attendees that makes our event lively.
Photo Credits to Benggy Yeong.

Congratulations to all the winners:

Winner - Subashini Revichandren
1st Runner Up - Yew Hoe Yan 
2nd Runner Up - Litsan Chong 
3rd Runner Up - Sow Huey Ru
4th Runner Up - Beledees Lavaours Lim

Miss Malaysia Petite SpokesPerson 2017’s Grand Final was held at HGH Convention Centre on 26 May 2017 (Friday) at 6.00pm. This year, I Tiara Production Sdn Bhd has presented a banquet-style pageant show, with the sensational visual enjoyment brought to you by an International Award Winning CGI (Computer Graphic Imaginary) as well as a special performance of musical theatre performance along with the Finalists who are playing a role in the drama itself. Thank you Fred.

Empowering women, empowering petite people!

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